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Listener Comments:"Your songs, and your presence, are a refreshing breath of wind in a jaded world." - Connie Kronlokken, Novelist... "Dear Bill and Kate:Today I received your priceless CD and have it in the player at this moment.† What a TREASURE"...†††††††††† "Hey you guys, We are so excited!† It is Saturday, and we just got a special package in the mail.† THANK YOU so much!!!† We listened to the whole thing right away.† We LOVE the "Old Fences""...††††††††††† "I was so eager to listen to Sutra Comma MN Polka finished that I put it in right away and listened to that song first.† Itís great!† I laughed so hard.† Thanks again"...††††††† "Hello! Your wonderful CD arrived in today's mail, and we've already played it --it is super"!...††† "These are songs that just plain make you feel good - the lyrics are sweet and heartfelt - and the love between Bill and Kate shines through. Don't buy just one CD-get a few for the friends you really care about."-Al Kniola, 88.1 WVPE (So. Bend, IN)
Photo: Jeff Ilse, Minneapolis, MN

 Bill & Kate are planning their winter tour, with shows from MN to TX, and back, then MN to FL, FL to PA, and back!
If you'd like them to come to your town or even your home, please use the contact page.

Bill & Kate's Concert and Interview from the DC Ghost Ranch in Arizona...